Get 10% OFF dental treatment in Derby & Nottingham. FREE to join

Join AP Care today

Grow the private side of your dental business
with no increase to your marketing spend.

Join AP Care today

Grow the private side of your dental business
with no increase to your marketing spend.

The AP Care platform allows you to promote your practice and the private
treatments you offer for free. Giving you access to new private patients
looking for a dentist for general and elective high value treatments.

About us

  • AP Care is a private dental care network providing patients with access to quality discounted care from approved providers.
  • Patients pay AP Care a yearly subscription of £39.95 in return for access to providers and discounted private dental treatments.
  • AP Care uses the subscription received to actively market to patients in your area, helping you get more enquiries without incurring additional marketing expenditure.
  • AP Care is not a plan provider or a replacement for your plan. we connect practices with new patients who may be between dentists, irregular attenders or looking for one off elective treatment.
  • Clinicians on our network provide private dental care at a 10-20% discount from list price in return for access to a stream of new, pre-qualified patients seeking private care.
  • Patients are pre-qualified by paying the annual subscription fee.
  • Currently we are at no cost to dental practices.
  • Dental practices may select clinicians in the practice they would like to join.
  • Not all dentists within the practice must join the network, meaning AP Care is a great way to expand your private income or build a list for a new associate.
  • Clinician’s who may join our network include dentists, CDT’s, and hygienists.
  • CDT’S may only provide dentures. hygienists only hygiene, both at our standard 20% discount.
  • All dentists who join must provide core treatments at a 20% discount to be listed on the AP Care platform. this core list consists of exams (including new patient exams), io x-rays, fillings, and extractions.
  • Other treatments outside the core treatments listed above, may then be chosen as the clinician wishes. our default discount is 20% unless clearly stated.
  • We give dentists the option to select whether they provide a 10% or 20% discount on select cosmetic treatments such as bonding. treatments requiring lab work such as veneers, crowns, and implants may also be provided at either 10% or 20% discount.
  • Please see our faq on our website for more information.

We look forward to you joining AP Care

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We are currently launching in Nottingham and
Derby with expansion on a city by city basis in
line with our marketing efforts.

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